Fat is necessary in a healthy diet. Together with protein, fats help to form muscles, nerves, blood vessels and other important structures in the body. Unsaturated fats are considered good fats, and they should be included in dieting in small to moderate amounts. Some fats are essential, meaning the body cannot make or convert them from any other components. Good fats should not be consumed in large amounts because they are a concentrated source of calories and can easily lead to weight gain. -Jennifer Diaz


1.      Fact or fiction: All fats are bad for you.

Many people who are on diets eliminate fats from their diets, but this can increase the chance of depression. There are certain essential fats that promote the absorption of nutrients into cells. When this natural process does not take place, depression increases. These essential fats can be found in nuts, seeds, and oily fish such as tuna and oils such as olive. –Adonis Davis

ü Fiction- Removing all fats from your diet can cause the body harm. That is why it is important to monitor the types of fats you eat, along with the amount. Generally we need little fat in our diet. The fat we need are called essential fats. Since fat is found in many products, we should opt for Unsaturated fat. Avoiding Saturated and Trans fat help reduce the risk of high cholesterol.

2.    Fact or fiction: Good fats are important for building and maintaining important parts of your body

High levels of blood fats can damage your blood vessels. One of the most infamous blood fats is cholesterol, caused by eating foods with a lot of saturated fat. If your cholesterol level is too high, you need to bring it down by changing your eating and exercise habits. –Jennifer Diaz

ü Fact- Good fats, particularly essential fats, are critical in maintaining muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Essential fats can be found in certain types of fish and nuts Unhealthy fats like saturated fat is mostly found in animal products like eggs, whole milk, butter and also meats and seafood. Unhealthy fats are associated to heart disease, colon cancer and other chronic diseases.


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