FIU and BTW Students learn together

Nov 2, 2012

I would like to express that I feel fortunate to have been part of Overtown Cookbook. It was overall an unforgettable experience. On Monday, we lectured on carbohydrates and then tested the student’s knowledge with a challenging game. While on Wednesday, we held a cooking demo of black bean brownies. At the end of Wednesday, we were able to interact with the students and get feedback on nutrition topics of their interest. After Wednesday, I realized that I had also been part of the learning experience. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.   -Cinthia Podesta

I completely agree with Cinthia, it was such a big learning experience. I think we both went in with a specific mindset and left with a completely different one. The best part was getting to talk to the students and get their feedback on the program and ask them what they would like to learn about. Something to keep in mind for future is that they wanted to learn about healthy ways to gain weight and others wanted healthy ways to loose weight. Overall I’m really happy I got a chance to be involved in this amazing program.  -Karina Kaboud

I would like to comment and say this experience was definitely not what I expected. I went into this expecting it to be a more formal setting where we would be educating a group of kids on how to make healthier choices. Yes, that goal was accomplished but it turn out to be more fun than I expected. We were able to just be ourselves and have individual interactions with each of the students. What I learned from this experience is that they all have very different personalities and we as educators have to be able to modify our teaching styles to accommodate those different personalities. Overall it was an amazing opportunity and a great experience. Thank you everyone for allowing me to be a part of it. -Natalia Stines


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