Emotional Eating

Emotions can determine what and how much we eat. What do you eat when you are sad or happy? Binging is very unhealthy. Binging is when you eat a lot and you’re not hungry. -Lindsey Williams

1.    Fact or fiction: Binge Eating can cause diabetes and heart disease.

I think that people should do stuff different when they get mad or depressed. Eating doesn’t solve anything but makes you fatter and madder and you aren’t doing nothing but starting a bad habit. So exercise when you’re mad or talk on the phone.   Eduardo Clements

ü Fact – binge eating can cause weight gain and obesity which may lead to diabetes and heart disease.

2.    . Fact or fiction: Emotional eating does not make you gain weight.

Emotional eating is also a form of binge eating. Binging is eating continuously even after being full; there is no sense of satisfaction. Binging causes an unhealthy weight gain and a feeling of emptiness in the end. How can we stop ourselves? Like everything in life, it takes time, patience, and most of all practice. Keeping busy means that we don’t focus on eating as much. Read a book, write a letter and dance to keep busy. –Shamara Brown

ü Fiction – no matter what your emotional state, too much food leads to weight gain.


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