Energy Balance

We as Americans rarely have to walk anywhere and to add to that, there is a fast food restaurant on almost every street. Our body needs a proper balance of energy proteins, carbohydrates and fats which you may not get from a double cheese burger or cheese pizza. If we eat too much and don’t burn as much it can result in obesity, diabetes and heart disease which is common in minorities. Lindsey Williams


1.    Fact or fiction: You can consume a large amount of calories each day, without gaining weight, by exercising enough to balance it.

To maintain your body weight, the amount of energy that you consume must be equal to that used in the body. If you consume excess energy, you will gain weight, and if you begin to eat less energy than you use to, then the result is weight loss.                                            Todderick Roberts

In my opinion I think the only reason I am maintaining my weight is because I lift weights. I might take in approximately 3000 calories daily putting out maybe 4000 calories, weight lifting brings some of that lost weight back. –O’Bryan Ferguson

ü Fact. You can consume more calories each day, without gaining weight, only if you exercise enough to balance it. The calories consumed, however, should still be part of a healthy diet.

2.    Fact or fiction: Your body stores excess calories as fat.

The body is very selfish when it comes to storing up energy for a time when food is not eaten and the body’s main energy source is not actually available. The food energy that you do not use through your normal body functions and physical activity is converted into stored fat.      Todderick Roberts

ü Fact-Your body’s natural defense against starvation is to store excess calories as fat. Eating only the calories you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle is the only way to prevent this storage



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